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Lihirian Sustainable Development Plan Trust Account
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LSDP totals
LSDP figures as at October 2007
Total Budget K48,642,898
Expenditure: K12,112,246
Total Unspent: K36,530,652
Chapter 1 Expenditure Items

LSDP Chapter 1

Capacity Building NRLLG

Finance & Treasury Office
Integrated Agriculture Training Programme
Strenghtening NSPA
Operating Grant NSPA
VDS Housing Grants
Village Development Grants
Lihir Voice/FM Lihir/Communications
Law & Order
Schools Upgrade-Physical Assets
Education Quality Improvement
Lihir Education Asisstance Program
Teacher Training
Community Health Program
Revised & Expanded IFL Scheme
Post Review Joint Community Awareness
Social Monitoring
LSDP Planning & Monitoring
Culture Of Success - Education


Current Account Status October 2007 Up Arrow
Chapter 2 Expenditure Items

LSDP Chpater 2

Land Use Payments
General Compensation
Putput Inconvenience Allowance
Putput Plant Site
Putput& Ladolam Relocation
Pit & Stockpile
Kapit Relocation
Londolovit Community
Londolovit Plantation
Kunaye Airport
LMALA Administration Grants
Capacity Building
Current Account Status October 2007 Up Arrow
Chapter 3 Chapter 3 Expenditure Items

LSDP Chapter 3

NSPA Temporary Office
NSPA Staff Housing
Treasury Staff Housing
Palie School Upgrade
Lakuplien School Upgrade
Rural Electrification Extension
Jetties for Malie,Masahet & Mahur
Marahun Estate Ring Road
Lihir ring Road Maintenance
Water Supply
NSPA Administration Grant
Current Account Status October2007 Up Arrow
Chapter 4 Expenditure Items

LSDP Chapter 4

LSDP Ltd Administration Grant
LSDP Establishment Consultancy Fees
Lihir Integrated Livestock Project Feasibility
Lihir Savings & Loans Feasibility
PV Home Schools
Entrpreneurial Business Class Development
Current Account Status October 2007 Up Arrow
Chapter 5 Expenditure Items

LSDP Chapter 5

Admin Support Mine Closure Committee
Mine Closure Investment Funds
Landowner trust Funds
Current Account Status October 2007 Up Arrow
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