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Through community partnership and long-term planning, Lihir Gold is working towards improving the capacity of Lihir's health care system to ensure that the positive legacy of Lihir Gold's health care programs remains well beyond mine closure, for the benefit of all Lihirians.

Lihir Gold funds the medical services on the Island, administered by medic contractors International SOS (ISOS). This funding provides for 54 medical staff, three full-time doctors and the operation of a 16-bed hospital and medical centre.

This facility caters for public patients as well as employees of Lihir Gold and its contractor companies.

Lihir Gold also provides considerable support to Government health facilities on the Lihir group of islands, including seven aid posts and two health centre: in addition, a system of Village Health Volunteers is being introduced to encourage community involvement in health.

Representatives chosen the community will be given basic training in aspects of health program end will act as mediators between the health care providers and the community.

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