Word Clouds

Can help in analysising text or documents to see what words are the most prevalent. Word Clouds can be generated to display words in relation to others to see the context or relationship of those words to each other.

Some examples:

Word cloud graphics from of the ICMM Mining: Partnerships for Development Position Statement. The ICMM 10 Principles of Sustainable Development and the IFC Publication: Economic Opportunities for Women in the Pacific - Executive Summary using key word such as equity, sustainable and women.

Correlation Wheel

What am I looking at?

You can use the correlation wheel to visualise which concepts are highly correlated with each other. Two concepts are highly correlated if they appear together in the text often and appear apart rarely. The correlation is symmetric.

This means that concepts which appear large in the Concept Web will most likely not be highly correlated with any concepts.

Consider the concept Alice in the story Alice In Wonderland. Alice appears with a wide range of concepts throughout the story. Alice isn't highly correlated with any one concept - it appears frequently with a wide range of concepts.

You can use this visualisation to identify underlying themes in your text. EG. In text about Economics, supply and demand are highly correlated. In text about Winston Churchill, the concepts election and campaign along with election and won are highly correlated.

These relationships can help you better understand your text.

ICMM 10 Principles formatted as a correlation wheel.

ICMM 10 Principles

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